Affordable Southern Elegance

Southern Social Stations

All American Station $15

(Burgers, hot dogs, soft-pretzels, popcorn... why yes, you can take me out to the ballgame!)

Brunch Station $12

(French Toast, Bagels, Mini Waffles, Mini Pancakes, W/ various fruit toppings, sugars, whipped creams, cream cheese spreads, etc...)

Bubbly Station $9

(Non-alcoholic signature drinks for that elegant look at affordable pricing)

Coffee Station $5

(Coffee Urns with various flavors, sugars, and even dippables)

Fall Fair Station $12

(Takes you back the the fair when you were a child, cotton candy, funnel fries, shelled peanuts, corn dogs, kettle corn etc...)

Fajita Station $15

(Need I say more? Grilled chicken, beef, peppers and onions with warm tortillas)

Grilled Cheese Station $12

(Choose your bread, cheese, condiments, and add-ins to create your own masterpiece) 

Hot Chocolate Station $9

(Urns of hot chocolate with various dippers like peppermint sticks, wafer sticks, party spoons, marshmallows, flavored syrups... the possibilities are endless)

Grits Station $12

(Shrimp and grits please! Add in onions, bacon, cheese and a whole lot of butter!)

Mac and Cheese Station $12

(Who doesn't LOVE Mac and Cheese? But, lets get a little fancy with it by adding things like mushrooms, and bacon!)

Martini Potato Station $12

(I love to set up a mashed potato bar, where I serve a scoop of mashed potatoes in a martini glass and then set up a buffet of toppings)

Meatball Station $15

(Asian, BBQ, Italian... meatballs all the way!)

Pizza Station $15

(Pizza bar! This is AMAZING! Buffet style with different pizzas with different toppings)

Slider Station $15

(Anything mini is always a hit! Sliders featuring chicken, beef, pork, veggies and all the condiments and toppings)

S'mores Station $12

(Everyone's favorite treat! Roast your own marshmallows to your liking, then smoosh between two graham crackers and chocolates of your choosing)

Soup and Salad Station $12

(Hearty,  flavorful soups with lovely side salads) 

Southern Sweets Station $12

(Imagine a table full of your favorite southern pies, puddings and cakes... bite size)

Taco Station $15

(Hard or soft shells? Beef or chicken, maybe pork? lettuce, sour cream, cheese, OH MY!)

*All descriptions are only a quick sampling of what we provide for each station and are subject to change due to seasonal freshness

**Minimum Order of 75 guests

***All pricing is per person

****Food Allergy Warning! Our food may contain peanut, dairy, egg or shellfish products. Please ask if you have any concerns****